Last Friday I shared about how the joy in doing Elegantees felt sucked out of me. Certain roles in the business, like photo shoots, that I've been trying to delegate out for months hasn't happened in an easy or lasting way. 

I've been very loved this week by all your prayers and sweet notes. My health is good again as well, and had a therapy type chat with a wise friend. One freeing takeaway was I have to stop starting sentences with “My mistake was…” 


To start finding creatives again, I utilized the career services site from the fashion college I graduated from. Finding the right person is seeming a bit easier now that I have a larger pool of students to choose from. The first project for one of the applicants is to do a shoot in April with cherry blossom trees around New York City. The studio with the white backgrounds have too many technical nuances. Besides, having themes will enhance creativity, making each collection more interesting on the website and social. 

The gal(s) I'm bringing on for New York based shoots will receive the clothing, steam and prepare it, coordinate with models, do the actual shoots, and upload the videos/photos. It's been 14 years of mostly me doing it, and I just want to move onto something else. With the other things I am called to do for Elegantees, I'm hopeful it will work with them. Pray for the new girls, at minimum that they will take it seriously, and that their creativity will exceed expectations.

We don't need to do everything in New York though. I'm refreshed as women are offering their help. A few gals in Orlando want to do a shoot for us, and another friend offered to do a shoot in a Colorado desert this fall. I'm not only relieved that they'll do these, but I'm positively eager to see the different sets from the various locations!


Last month, my friend Erin offered to volunteer. She has been managing our Giveaway Channel on Instagram. Erin is not gaining anything. However, she loves that her efforts are building relationships with customers, which helps in creating more jobs for survivors! She's helped me to not feel guilt for not paying her or giving her special recognition. For her, she's simply happy to help fight human trafficking.

Erin encouraged me to make a list of things I could delegate to more volunteers without much training. This way, if seasons in people's lives change, it can be delegated to a new person without hiccups. I'll try to delegate more to volunteers.

P.S. Join our Giveaway Channel on Instagram. You'll get a direct message every 1-2 weeks about a reel you can share to your stories. Your followers will learn about Elegantees, and you might even win an item of your choice!