We put the final touches on our pre-Fall collection this week. Here's the embroidery color we're going with for a top coming in August!


Back in February, I needed to figure out how to get healthier finances. Then a friend from my hometown asked if she could advise me. She's savvy at nonprofit structures, and was eager to tell me all she knows.
I've been prideful about the idea of converting Elegantees from an LLC to a 501c3. I want to prove that a business model can also serve the needs that nonprofits do. Can a business tackle poverty, heal human trafficking survivors, and empower families to live the life intended? That's what we're doing already!
Turns out, we can do more if we detach the funding of our non-profit activities from our sales. Imagine if awareness campaigns and job skill training was funded by grants. Grants could cover this expense instead of our sales. Then later when the profits from sales are overflowing, we can move those into the non-profit initiatives. Why didn't I think of this earlier?


Last week I asked your help to brainstorm marketing ideas. I want to express my gratitude for how collaborative this is. I'm not tacking it alone!
A new thing is coming. There's been a lot we've been hoping for, and I know that the best is yet to come. I'm recalling how this time last year, I was feeling a heavy yoke for the business difficulties of working in an underdeveloped nation like Nepal. I reached the end of my capacity to do anything further. That yoke is now light, and I fully trust that God is carrying it for me now. A new thing is coming, even though I cannot see it all yet!
That hope reminds me of what some of us recognize this weekend with the death and resurrection of Christ. We die, but are alive because he takes our yoke and sin. Seeing how I'm getting a new chance with Elegantees, I believe that anything can be made new!