We're presenting during New York Fashion Week!
This week has been full of awe. When I was an 18-year-old intern, new to New York City, I ran an errand to a trade show at the Metropolitan Pavilion downtown on 18th Street. I walked into the shows and had no idea what was taking place. I imagined being here for my own company one day. I've long forgotten about that little dream, but nostalgia reminded me. I was back at the same venue this week to see where our runway models would be walking! How special it was to see the dream come full circle.
Our partner is International Justice Mission (IJM).
IJM's Mobilization Director for the New York City region and I have been working together for months to plan this different type of fashion show. The event will spotlight fashion that is not created from exploitation, but by that of freedom. Attendees will also hear stories of how protection is being brought to people around the world who experienced violence. Not your typical fashion show, but I couldn't be more proud about that.
Connecting with the IJM team.
The upcoming fashion show on September 10 has brought about more relationships for me. It's one of my favorite parts about collaborations. When working alone, human trafficking feels ever so heavy, but working together with others pushes us to keep going. I've been very encouraged this week to see how the show planning is bringing impact already.
Thanks for reading along, and being a part of this work. Truly grateful for all this, and for you. You make everything we do possible with your continued support.