I should have gone out of business many times. But, miracles!

Right after paying the tax bill, I realized an immediate need of $30,000 by end of this month. I'd need a strategy. Our warehouse queen happened to suggest a BOGO to make some more room. So, that would be the plan!

Besides strategy, there's one thing I always do in times of need - I pray. It gives me comfort and peace. I leave everything in God's hands as I remember His promises.

Elegantees is a series of miracles.

I can't even count them all! Ask me in a month, and I'll probably forget that the $30,000 need got met and exceeded. I have already forgotten so many of the unexpected provisions that happened over these 12 years. In my finite mind, there's two things that I will not forget though. One is that God makes a way every time. The other is I'm hardly alone in this - you make a bigger impact than you can possibly imagine.

Living your dreams with faith, and intimacy with God, is available to all of us. Nothing we do can earn this kindness. All it takes is calling upon His name, and being open to our hearts being changed for the better.


What's next?

We still have the BOGO on our website, but the peak of it has already passed. So, I'll share what's next! Summer designs are on the way from Nepal now. Meanwhile, we've started production of our fall collection. I'm grateful for the continuation and growth of this beautiful work.


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