I have to share an amazing meeting I had this week. It energized my goals.

I met Ben and Saji on their way back to India! They had a layover at JFK airport. Knowing that I live in New York City, they invited me to pop over. I'm glad I did!

I loved hearing Saji's founder story. Many years ago, his family took in two orphaned girls who would have otherwise ended up in the red light district. A few years later, Saji quit his job because he had a calling go full-time to help more. His organization provides safe homes for human trafficking survivors, trade schools for equipping people, and they've built orphanages and schools.

The John Foundation is a nonprofit, but Saji knew it would be necessary to pursue self-sustainability. Over the years, they've created several income-generating projects that provide for over half of the ministry. One of them is a fair-trade sewing factory! Together, we're planning out designs that I've been dreaming of for years. Some on my wish list include smocked dresses, linen-blend shorts, intricate embroidery, and yummy fabrics we haven't had the best success in sourcing elsewhere.

I wish you could see my boldness!

All our business partners are a bright light in this dark world. It ignites me to grow Elegantees without being modest. These partnerships can multiply their impact, whether big or small. I want it to be big though, so I'm unapologetically saying that I want Elegantees to make millions. I'm believing in it wholeheartedly.

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