The sewing center in India where some Elegantees are made


I'd like to share more on how India came about for us. It's a country that exports a lot of products made by slave and child labor. You already know things are different with Elegantees, but there's more…


"We knew that if these two girls would be left on the streets, that they would be trafficked.”  — That’s how it all started for John Foundation, an organization that we partner with in India.

Over the years, John Foundation has served children and women from various at-risk backgrounds including – orphan and semi orphans, children rescued from trafficking, single mothers and widows, girls rescued from temple prostitution, children affected by HIV/AIDS, and children from low income families. 
We share a passion to empower people with skills that lead to employment and eventual self-sustenance. This is the best way to tackle the false promises of human traffickers with seamstress jobs. As you start to see more of our designs made in India, know that their job allows them to live the life that was intended. That's powerful!


If you knew Elegantees from 2012-19, we were exclusively in Nepal. I was dedicated to our goal to free up a waiting list of 300 women in need of a job. When I talked about Elegantees, that's all I talked about. 
Then, the pandemic. I had to be open to other options. India was introduced to me in July 2021. If I moved us to an additional country, what about that waiting list that I worked so long for? 
The pandemic put me through a place of humility though. It's necessary to diversify for the health of the business. I received peace about pursuing India, so I trusted God's leading. Now I realize we would be out of business if it weren't for India. We're still here and the future is optimistic. With our impact continuing, my joy feels immeasurable. 
I still believe in the dream to employ 300+ seamstresses. With the support of all of you, how can it not happen?