Remember my longing to pierce light into the darkness? Well, we’ve been in for a fight lately! Sex trafficking has ties to the fashion industry, but we're here to breakthrough with freedom. It feels heavy as we approach New York Fashion Week. 

Instead of engaging in the darkness that’s behind a curtain, we choose to walk with light. We are fighting the powers of hell here. Though I'm weary, I haven’t felt alone. Many of the runway models are volunteering because of the mission. I see a fire in every one of them to fight this horrific injustice. I can't possibly thank them enough.
In the midst of all this, it’s been a lot of hours. This pressure triggered an attack on my body! Last week I developed a rash that is significant enough to see a doctor. I’m now being treated for the shingles! Due to my age of 36, it’s not a severe case. Quite frankly though, it’s not common for anyone under 50 to get it. Perhaps contracting shingles was an attack by the forces of darkness themselves to make me feel defeated. It worked for a few days, but now I know that this won’t stop God from bringing heaven to earth.
The runway show is happening tomorrow during New York Fashion Week. We’re stepping onto a very dark stage, and it feels extra heavy. I don’t often ask this, but will you pray for us? For each model to feel peace and protection from sunrise to sundown. For the clothing and story line of the show to radiate light. For lives to be changed. 

Oh yeah, for the shingles too. I’m still feeling the shocks, and fear creeps in. I need to focus on the hope in front of me, and not the thorn in my flesh.