Running Elegantees becoming a fun adventure again, and I love seeing things come together.
By the way, if you don't know what I look like - mystery solved!



Usually companies don't share their strategy blueprint, but you're the key in our ability to do this work. Any thoughts you have as you read these are welcomed! Yes, you can hit reply to our emails anytime, and they will get to me, not lost in cyberspace…

Last week I shared there's a few things that I have to act on. We can't cut down on our fixed monthly costs, so must go bigger with revenue to make the profit. Otherwise, we won't make it by playing it safe with just enough

Here's our plan:

  • Lifestyle presentation. The presentation of our clothing on our site and on social will soon have a lifestyle. This is more desired by viewers, and we can express more creativity. Strong brand storytelling, even if it's just in the visual story, will yield more orders.
  • Two campaigns per month. This is the first time I'm announcing this, so I'll explain the meaning. Our lifestyle shoots will be too much to have larger collections at a time. Splitting them up into smaller releases will allow the shoots to flow well. With an extra campaign to promote each month, it'll increase our monthly revenue.
  • Product development. To get more wholesale orders, we need to get farther ahead with lead times. We can also plan more collaborations if ready sooner.
 This plan should increase our profits, thus increasing the number of women we can hire to make Elegantees! LET'S GO!


If I take this on alone, I'd double the hours I work each week. I don't want to do that. My “laziness” is a good thing because I'm delegating without the micromanaging mentality.

While some people are volunteering on small tasks and short term projects, the more long term and time consuming tasks require compensation. That's where Gen Z is coming in lately because they are affordable. I got a lot of applications from the fashion college here, so I took on more students than needed. We have a crew. I love that if one moves on or stops being reliable, the others can keep it going without me needing to fix it all. 

They are a fun and reliable crew that keeps me young. Even though I was in high school when they were born, we have shared interests. I feel purposeful in building them up in their knowledge and experience.

I told them my goal is to no longer attend photo shoots so I can focus on other areas of the company. They seem to like my presence, but telling them they will run the show soon gave them an empowering smile.

I believe the teamwork is the joy for me that will trickle down into everyone involved. I'm rejoicing for the future of Elegantees again!