Now that it's May already, Summer is in sight! I'm looking forward to letting my city kids run barefoot when we visit family in Iowa. For work, it'll be about our fall collection. Our plan for this summer is to shoot in the studio, and then everything for this fall will flow from there. It will be the best season yet! 

It's been a week where I feel like a real CEO. It's been about empowering talented creatives who want to help with the marketing content. I'm in awe of the women being sent my way. In the meantime, I'll continue to get the fall designs into the sewing machines. 

About yesterday….

 I met with a Cambodian founder employing survivors. She's in the early stages, and she reminds me of my own first seven years. Her specialty is linen. We may add a linen piece (from Cambodia!) for Elegantees!