Someone asked why many business owners seek growth. It's a never ending pursuit. Can you ever be content? “It’s ok to be small,” he said. ​I’m conflicted with that. I try to be present to my family, so I often say 'no' to things that could bring growth. ​​Meanwhile, the estimated number of people in human trafficking worldwide has increased to 50 million.

If I can do something to stop human trafficking, let me do it. This was my cry in 2008. God saw my heart, and gave me favor from then on. I was placed in the right companies to learn how to really run one. I made connections that were more valuable than what was in my bank. A few years later, Elegantees became a reality.

What our current state? 2022 has been less than 2021. This is the case for most online businesses. Elegantees is doing okay, but I'm still hoping for growth to come again. Sometimes I feel so small. I'm learning to stop asking "why no growth?" I'm telling myself instead, "It's a miracle we're supporting all this. Some survivors are truly thriving right now!" Gratitude changes the way we look at our goals and circumstances.

Yet, I am still sad that millions are in human trafficking. I feel like what we have right now is as small as two fish and five loaves of bread. So, I have to believe more in what God can do with that. Thank you for believing in this with me!