We've got new tees that were made in India! This is our first project through a new partnership. We named the tees asha because the word translates to hope in Nepal and India. 
The Asha tees are impactful because they rescue and transform lives in India. When the group who made them first reached out to me a year ago, I learned that their work is similar to what we're doing in Nepal! Here's some reasons we're committing to India for the long run: 
  1. The social impact. The sewing jobs will generate income for their safe homes. Their programs also empower at-risk women to gain self-sustenance.
  2. The design potential! We're developing new things for Spring that we can't make or source in Nepal. Sprinkling in some boho themes.
  3. More seed money.  When we work only in Nepal, we struggle due to expensive sourcing and logistics. This keeps us from growing as quickly as we'd like, but India is more cost-effective in those things. We can increase our profits, then invest in hiring more women in Nepal and India.


The sole motive for many fashion corporations is making money. This has big brands often unsympathetic or blind to the reality of what's happening in the factories. I'm humbled for the privilege to partner with such selfless people who lead our sewing operations in Nepal, India, and New York City. Together, our priority is human dignity. 
I firmly believe that both profit and people can be prioritized. It is through your support that we can do so. I deeply appreciate every single purchase!