Some of the people I'll get to meet in real life.


It's been a decade, and I've never been to Nepal! This surprises everyone because I'm a social impact entrepreneur. How is it that I've never once stepped foot in the factory I've worked so hard to help expand? Well, the time is coming because I have flights booked!


I'm not going to impress people.

When others post photos with locals in underdeveloped countries, the fear of missing out was once a real thing. The grief felt more real when large retailers would ask me how often I go to Nepal. I left wondering if they assume I'm not as serious about this.
While I've been building this business, I've also been building my family. Raising babies has been my primary reason to continually say “not yet" to leaving the country. I'm not suggesting that it's wrong to travel afar with little ones (actually, that sounds really cool). I'm also not saying it's bad for a mom to go abroad sans kids. If they have the right support system, I'd even encourage it. 

This trip will be that much more meaningful. 
After 11 years of wanting to go, it's soaking in that I'll be meeting many of my Nepali friends for the first time in real life. We've exchanged thousands of emails. They've become friends, and we've become vulnerable with each other. 
I'll be traveling with our creative director, so you can expect to “travel” with us to see what we see. It'll be interesting to see how we approach Black Friday this year, since I won't want to pour into the online store while it's happening in Nepal.

Thank you for being on this journey with me!