I'm super tired because I stayed up 4 hours past my bedtime two nights in a row. The special occasion was hanging out with Elegantees Insiders. I couldn't sleep with all the fun we had!

We gathered in Nashville. Our retreat felt like old friends meeting for the first time. I've seen these names for 8 years. I've seen their faces on social media. Being in person was a delight.

We call ourselves the Elegantees Insiders on Facebook. In this group, we typically bond over our love for the clothing and mission. It's become a judgement free place. In person, we took it a bit deeper sharing things that wouldn't be safe to share on social. This is what we all need. Real community. 


One of the highlights was having a 6:30 am video call halfway across the world to Nepal. We started by singing happy birthday to Shanti. Then the seamstresses showed us the designs as they were in progress. Hearing one of our leaders speak about their “why” had our room silent. 

I think we all walked away more invested than ever – Human exploitation happens in ways you just don't expect! This fight against it feels like a grassroots effort at times, but we make a difference when we come together and play our part.

After wrapping up our 2nd Annual Insiders Retreat, even though it was a different group of women than the first, I walked away knowing again that I'm not doing this alone. The support from this community for me, our sewing team, and this company has me filled with gratitude. Whether you were in Nashville or not, I thank God for you as well!