Building slow is contrary to our culture. Our culture has it all wrong though! What if we live more like Jesus did on earth? He wasn't in a hurry to do things, even when someone desperately needed healing. Lately, I'm making major decisions without hurry. I'm convinced the slower pace is keeping our business, even in this economy.


Saving lives from human trafficking has triggered an emotional sense of urgency to accomplish. Looking back at decisions I made in the past, I'd leap into helping others, but my limitations caused other priorities to fail.
I look back at running Elegantees so far, and it's ironic my word choice was running! Perhaps I rarely needed to make rushed decisions. They teach in business that effective leaders are decisive. This is true, but it took me time to learn that not everything is urgent to decide. 
Is there anything in your life you can slow down? It may create less mistakes, less snowballing to fix them, and less pressure to keep up with.


I'm about to brag about money, but not in the way you'll expect. Our sales dollars are not impressive lately. However, they are enough. Somehow things feel more healthier now than when revenue was at it's highest. Perhaps the health comes in because the vision for the future looks healthier. 
I rejoice in having less cash to work with lately because it's providing me training. When there was excess before, I made decisions on how to promptly invest it back. Some of my decisions were spontaneous, and didn't do what I envisioned. My biggest 5 year dreams for Elegantees will require savings, so we'll move slowly and thoughtfully for as long as I can foresee.
I'm like a baby taking my first steps. God is perfectly in control, like a parent holding my hand to teach me how to walk. Then, we can have the best impact to see hundreds of women into dignified employment.
One tip that helped this hardworking farmer's daughter turned hustling New Yorker to actually slow down? Realizing that very few things in life need to be hurried. Unless a toddler is about to run into the street, or someone needs medical attention, you can surely slow it down.