As other product-based businesses are closing their doors, I've been seeing some good things come to Elegantees that are keeping ours open. A handful of women have recently come on board to take over some tasks. I'm in awe of their ability to jump in without much training, and I haven't needed to follow up. They got it! These are humble behind-the-scenes women that aren't expecting anything, so I won't mention them here, but wow, what a gift they are!

Deeply grateful for their support in our cause, but also their belief in me. By lifting my load, I'll have capacity to take more solid steps to expand on tackling human trafficking. I am spending more mornings praying for direction so I don't take the gift of time for granted. 


With my friend Mallery, who modeled for our upcoming collection. She is the founder of Gift of Hope Haiti, an org similar to Elegantees that empowers vulnerable communities.

Last week I was in Orlando with a group of creatives that are based there. We executed a beautiful fashion shoot with customers as models. The set was perfect with a pool, palm trees, and a clubhouse. 

The team there is equipped to take over our Summer lookbooks for next year, which is huge! I'm a little sad to not be a part of the future shoots because I had a very enjoyable time being with our models, and the team made it a blast. However I know I'll have a different role for Elegantees coming in the near future. We can't grow unless I step into it!

Grateful for all this, and hopeful for the future. The joy in doing this seems to be restored! I also continue with the trust that God will make a way through every obstacle, as He has done over and over again!