It's been over two weeks since I've been back in the States. The fresh outlook is what I've been waiting for. Remember how I put Fall 2023 designs on hold a few months ago? I'm glad I waited to see what I needed to see. First, a few things about Nepali culture that shocked this American.
The caste system of assigned social classes. People are born into a caste, and they are not allowed to pursue better jobs or marry outside of their caste. It's a generational poverty trap. Even worse, they are highly vulnerable to human trafficking. 
The patriarchal society favors men over women. My spirit could feel the oppression on women almost everywhere. For the first time in my life, I felt strong discrimination for being a woman. I had to grieve that.
While these are limitations, we can overcome in our true identity - knowing we are valuable, capable, and have purpose!  We have to combat lies we believe. For example, one of the sisters told me she's not intelligent. I was shocked to hear it. I told tell her the opposite and listed facts.

My hotel view helped me reset each morning. I believe the Creator sent me this view to recenter each day back to His promises for me.



I had to see why there's been 50% inflation on our Nepal-made clothing. My visit was also to improve the factory flow. With more time, I could have taught a better way of laying fabric out, do time-studies with each operation, add tables with wheels, and have a transparent look at miscellaneous costs.
I do need to bring our business to healthy finances, but it is doable to fix Nepal from a far? My incentive to stay in the game are the women working for us now. How powerful it'll be to combat these strongholds!
Determined to fully restore it to the life that was intended!

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