(Spoiler alert: We located her!)

We're in Brooklyn, New York, and producing a video with the largest anti-trafficking organization: International Justice Mission. Did I mention that this is for New York Fashion Week? Somebody pinch me!
Yesterday's final day of planning was great…until it wasn't. I couldn't get in touch with our star model all day long. I wondered if my phone was broken.
By the evening, still no model. It seemed like the entire thing was falling apart. What would I tell the film crew that flew in for this? Emotions were full of worst-case scenarios, so I needed to take a walk. God, I trust you. In the quiet, I realized I've been idolizing this and putting in more than really needed. Was it my ego? Oh, I was humbled now. Running this race is not about a video we make, nor about whom we're with. It's through living out faith each step at a time. Then the model texted me back. We were still on!
If you run into me in Brooklyn today, I hope you find that I'm lighthearted and having fun. We tend to get the best results that way anyway. No sweat! Well, perhaps…we're shooting layering pieces for fall, and it's July.