Go big or go home. This expression has been the thought these days. It seems that if we stay small, our company won't make it. Our biggest costs are fixed costs, so going bigger is key to expanding our profitability. 


With an encouraging boost from our BOGO event, we finally had a month where revenue was in a surplus. There are a few machines we could buy to speed up the process of smocking and buttons (those are currently done by hand!). Our manager advised that those machines are too expensive to see a return anytime soon. Instead, we're going to add 2-3 more seamstresses. I could not be happier though!

The revenue brought in during March was a reminder to me that revenue that exceeds our fixed costs is profit. It's been six months since we saw profit, so I almost forgot the feeling! Profit is what allows us to expand the number of lives impacted in Nepal, so let's go big on it!


Fashion students getting our next collection ready. I can't wait to see them do more!



Taking risks is absolutely necessary. If I take them, it could fail. If I don't take them, it will fail. Do I really have a choice then?

The 20 something year old me would have found this to be incredibly thrilling. When I was a single girly fresh to the fashion industry, I knew that if I didn't make it in New York, I could just go back home to Iowa. 

In my current stage of live, there's no backup plan. This needs full assurance of the increase we're hoping for will come. Somehow though, there's more peace in stepping forward in faith than playing it safe.