I'm Katie Martinez, the Founder of Elegantees.

Today I'll add a photo of myself because I'm inspired to share my story.


 I grew up on a farm in Iowa. I was a kid with a head full of dreams, and my parents instilled work ethic. I used to complain about having jobs as a teen, but I'm thankful to my parents today. My work ethic stood out on my resume, and opened the door for managing fashion production. It actually allowed my dreams to come true. 

 I went through hard things. When a very young adult in NYC, I was so hungry for acceptance in the fashion industry. Along with my early financial struggles, I was in vulnerable situations. I believed a lot of lies about success and got into a co-dependent relationship. When that fell apart, I realized only God meets all needs from emotional to tangible. I am close to God because he is truly my savior.

 Sex trafficking wasn't my story, but it could have been. During those vulnerable years, I was pursued by a sex trafficker who promised to make all my fashion dreams come true. I had discernment to walk away before he could get in my head too much. 

 My compassion for survivors is personal. Sometimes I feel unqualified to run Elegantees. I think it could be more prosperous in someone else's hands. Then miracles happen, and I'm not the reason it succeeds or not. The heart is where it's at!


I'm in my late 30s. I married a musician, and we have 2 children. My husband is my opposite. I'm still a kid at heart, and will publicly embarrass myself to make my son laugh. It's always worth it.

 We live in a quiet neighborhood of New York City. Our apartment is not big, but it's a good layout. How we make it work for a family of four impresses other New Yorkers, but out-of-towners are generally shocked. I could be content in this space until the kids are teens, but I would love a 2nd bathroom ASAP. My kids have to go at exactly the same time! The subway is my favorite mode of transportation. I walk to the grocery store. If you've got elementary-age kids, my routine is probably the same as yours. Laundry, school bus pickup, homework checking. Life is simple, really.

 Like you, I'm passionate about seeing people live in freedom. I'm very grateful that Elegantees allows me to do that. Thank you for supporting it!