Wearing the Cassia top (online now) with the printed Fawn skirt (coming Sept 1)

This week had a lot going on, but I'm not drained out. Now that it is Friday, I look back and see it's a result of the wisdom I've been gaining. 
Barbara Corcoran is one of the Shark Tank investors, and her podcast is my favorite. She sits down with entrepreneurs to pour out advice. I've been taking a lot of it, starting with how to effectively delegate. I was not good at it before, but now I'm understanding the purpose of a CEO more. I'm more comfortable calling myself that now too because I'm seeing myself do it effectively. This is probably why more is happening for Elegantees.


Ever since I started Elegantees, reading books became hard for me to do. It then felt impossible when I became a mom. Today though, I am “reading” a lot, thanks to the technology of podcasts and audio books. I can make my ears open to listen even if my hands and eyes are unavailable.
Along with the business podcasts, my soul craves for someone to read the Bible to me. I recently discovered that I caused some hurt to others, and want to learn how to not repeat that to others in the future. I love Barbara for business advice, but for forgiveness, healing, and freedom, the Bible is the only way.
This week was particularly powerful to listen to Proverbs. The primary purpose of Proverbs is to gain wisdom. It reminded me of the best things that my parents taught me. It's what I want my own children to live by to have a good life. With that, I recommend it to you - click here to hear the reading that I enjoyed.