A month ago, I was set free from a heavy burden!

If you've been following my journey, you know the need to create jobs for survivors of human trafficking in Nepal is gigantic. I've made it my mission to tackle the waiting list of 300-500 survivors, one elegant tee at a time.

Since last fall, I've been restructuring how Elegantees operates on this side of the globe to make it possible to hire more seamstresses. It was hard at first, but some of it turned out delightfully. One thing is I'm now the studio photographer. I discovered I have a gift and love for it, and the positive feedback affirms it was a great move.

Despite the things we did to shift money, the moves could not make a dent to the waiting list. Fabric, sewing, and freight costs in Nepal were increasing again. I felt defeated because the women I wanted to hire for this fall would remain vulnerable to human trafficking all over again. The weight of that got to me….

Then, God took the burden off of me.

On Mother's Day, a pastor at my church spoke up to share a vision he received. Paraphrased, he said, “There is a woman in the crowd with a weight she's been carrying for years. The chain has been broken by Jesus, and you'll bear it no more.”

I burst out into sobbing because this woman was me.

I've been processing this and wanted to see if the chain has truly been broken. When I think of the women on the waiting list, I now think of how much they are cherished. I did not think this way before. Yes, I'd be thrilled for them to sew Elegantees, but I trust that God provides for and protects them in the present.

I've been loving Elegantees more than ever!

My “job” has been renewed as I'm leading differently. Freedom from anxiety is making me a better visionary and leader. I'm trying to implement it in other areas of my life so I can also be a better mom, wife, and friend. There is much in our world to be anxious about, but we can choose to trust that all will work out for good. There's power in that mindset!

For freedom, Katie


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