I’m excited for what’s happening on May 30. It’ll be the first day on the job for two summer interns! They will be taking on marketing with the fashion point of view. These ladies are excited, and I know they will put their hearts into it. I’m grateful to delegate this since my passion isn't marketing. I'm all about what goes into making the clothes, and we’ll soon expand that. There’s a 501(c)3 to setup, and logistics to empower more people out of poverty!

The interns can start with our first fall shipment. It recently arrived to our warehouse from Nepal:


Despite the momentum we have for the Fall season, there's a somewhat serious issue. One fabric order has been stuck in customs for weeks! I haven’t seen a holdup this long since the pandemic. Nothing I can do by my own power, except to ask God to move this fabric.
Each day that passes without fabric has been hard. While some other things about Fall have been incredible, this one thing is bothering me. I have to declare that good will out-pour over. This is contradictory to how I'm feeling, but we have to train ourselves to speak life into things!