In this year, I've had more failure than success. After I started various marketing projects this year, I soon realized they weren't going to be profitable after all. To maintain integrity, I stuck them out to completion. 
2022 feels like it was a year of failure. If Elegantees were a corporation with shareholders, they'd be replacing me now as the decision maker. I need to see our seamstresses as the shareholders though. If we aren't prosperous, they don't flourish easily. This holds a lot of weight for me!


One of my mentors says I should approach it like a knife fight. Once I stopped laughing at the visual of me as a ninja warrior, I saw this is exactly what to do in the new year. 
I need to reduce the threat consistently and aggressively. I cannot let it cripple Elegantees. Then, take back our moment!  A threat is only as severe as the degree to which I let it impact us. I do not have to be a victim to the threat. I can use the threat to allow us to gain control, insights and a valuable new position.
The idea that my business and the knife fight are in my control is helping me understand my own authority as we start a new year. I'm still in the process of building myself up for the fight. I will charge up this weekend as I soak in who Jesus is - my savior, provider, and comforter.