“Even the right decisions could plummet you into anxiety" is something a friend told me. We were speaking about moving into a larger space in Nepal, and with me delegating more.

Do not be timid.  Someone replied to last week's email and reminded me that our moves lately are triumphant. Otherwise if I think small, I limit what God wants to do. Do I believe He has huge plans for this business? I'm shouting that out with zeal!  


I've been witnessing the incredible talent of a few women who are helping us to grow. One of them is my favorite fashion student. Her name is Roxy and she's grown into someone I rely on now. She led a content shoot last Saturday for next week's new arrivals. Roxy recruited two friends for help in logistics, and they crushed it. It was a whole operation in action!
I love the fresh point of view of the next generation. This was eye opening for me. They've inspired some changes that we'll be seeing on the website later this year. It'll improve our efficiency also, allowing me to focus more on where I'm feeling called into - our nonprofit factory planting!
My favorite part about working with Roxy isn't only her major leadership potential, but her heart of gold! I am honored that I can mentor her as an and older and wiser sister. She's also one of my biggest encourager and will round up people to pray for me when I'm feeling pressure.
We've got someone else who joined our team for marketing. For now, I'll share the short version -- I'm very impressed so far!
Thank you for your support of Elegantees as we take steps to become a huge fashion company. Let's position it to tackle human trafficking with a bold confidence. Proclaiming it with zeal!