The Leisure tee, one of our new arrivals from The West Coast Edit.

I shared my story to a group of fashion industry professionals this week. I was honored, knowing that it will help make connections, as well as give hope to young people who are in the shoes I once walked in. I appreciated how the group collectively spoke life and encouragement over me at the end of the meeting. 

One lady expressed that she believes a lot of capable help will come in like a flood soon. To me, that means creative people who are passionate about styling, photography, and social media. It's where my struggle has been the most lately. It takes time to coordinate and execute all that. I'm also managing the design and production flow. It's felt like two full time jobs.

Earlier this year I started outsourcing some shoots to creative women across the country to lighten my load and have more variety in our sets. It's gotten more creative, but it's still taking time because I'm coordinating it remotely and creating handbooks for our brand image. I have an idea though to save time in the near future.

Next week I'll be in Florida with our Orlando-based crew to create together. We're doing a summer campaign, and something long-lasting will also happen. One of our trained videographers and I will create a fashion shoot course. The video series will automate the training and communication for future shoots. 

I'm rooting for our video course to make it possible for more customers to do remote shoots. We all enjoy seeing customers modeling. I hope teaching out my expertise with fashion shoots will make the Elegantees website and social media more community focused than ever!