Since today's update is about models, I didn't want to share a photo of any person. Enjoy this peek at the new Winter colors we're bringing in next month! 


A customer recently requested size XL models. In just one month, she was the third who mentioned this. Yet, some of our models do wear XL. What I found out was their tall height keeps them from being a comparable reference. Maybe we weren't as diverse as we thought we were!
This customer initiated this with me to give the perspective of a 5'3" woman who weighs 170 lbs. We exchanged a few emails with open hearts. I appreciate that she didn't leave a straightforward comment on Instagram. Our models read the comments. Plus, on social media, feedback can come across as body shaming. A private discussion was refreshing.
I'm grateful to learn.  We went deeper into the actual psychology of poses and body types. I've learned that it is not just the size that our models are wearing. Now, we will take this knowledge to do the best justice for the clothing, as well as for our customers. 


Video over Photos.  7 seconds of video visually explains more than 7 separate photos. A simple walk on, a spin, and walk off shows answers so many questions. We'll still include photos on our website, but video will take priority.

Looking for fresh faces to model. While many modeling agencies are more size inclusive, not all body types are yet represented. We're needing referrals. Do you know a videogenic lady in the New York City area who would like to model for us? We could also pitch to an influencer here! 

Thank you for helping us out in all the ways we can grow more! I'd love to hear your thoughts if you want to share.