This photo shows a set from our new waffle knit pieces.

We either love or dislike social media, or we go back and forth in how we feel about it. I go back and forth. If it were not for Mark Zuckerberg, my dream would not have taken off the way it did. Thanks to his Facebook platform, Elegantees took off with just $10,000 back in 2010.

Yet, Zuckerberg is also a reason we can decline. Ever notice the people you follow just don't show up when you're scrolling? If you follow Elegantees on Instagram, you may not have seen a post from us in years. I've been brainstorming how to revive our reach on Instagram.


I got an idea to get our reels seen by more people. I personally invited some followers to join a group chat to let them know when there's a new post. They could share their favorite reels to their own stories. I was joyful that many said yes. 

We entered the chat. There were over 100 of us in there!

Whoops…. Every time someone liked an update, everyone got notified. It was a lot of digital noise and created distractions. We realized this format wouldn't work. Even for those who were digging the interaction, the reels we shared would soon get buried in the thread.

A follower then showed me the correct way to start a channel like this. We got it up, and it's now running the way I envisioned. It doesn't notify when others react to updates, and comments are disabled. Updates are low-key. With this channel, I'm optimistic we can really expand our reach! When customers share with their friends about the brand that they love, new people will actually place an order! We've seen it and hear it happen many times. Let's do this, team!!

This multiplication of people looking at Elegantees will multiply our impact more. Want to be a part of changing more lives? Join our Elegantees Growth Team Channel!