Our intern captured this photo at the loft we used as a photo studio. I love the accuracy of it because the lunch was my highlight of the day.  That handsome guy in the background? That's Israel Martinez, and I married him. He's running the show with the men's tees. This also explains why they didn't go online this week like I told you they would.  Thankfully we have more time before they miss out on Christmas delivery. Let's say Tuesday will be the official release date. 

Actual footage of us playing hooky. I'm the real reason the tees are not online yet.

The photo shoot with male models was new territory for me. To explain what was going through my mind, I decided to write a parody based on Aladdin's  “A Whole New World.”  Sing along with me: 
I was to take a photo
Models had testosterone
Tell me, woman, now when did
it get hard to take a photo?
A whole new world
A non-elegant point of view
Muscles were everywhere
But not sure I care
Can you just smile for me please?
Hey now, don't do that pose
We're ultimately selling to women
Many of them are already married
C'mon now, it's just a tee shirt!

See you on Tuesday (?) for the men's tee release! They are officially in our warehouse, but the photos are still being edited. For now, thanks for laughing along with me!