When a group of Insiders met in real life.

Because of Elegantees, the women who make our clothing are living in dignity and feel their worth. We all want to see more of that in 2024! 

Our word for this year is MULTIPLY.  This is the perfect next step to pursue. After rebuilding in Nepal to more easily partner with additional women that need a job, increasing our demand will be key. We're up for the challenge!


We want to recruit you, but why you ask? Maybe you're not a supermodel, or you have a small social media following. We actually like that.

 Elegantees supporters that have seemingly average lives like you have turned into influencers. We see it in our Elegantees Insiders group on Facebook (join if if you haven't yet)!  We have become a community, and the group is a point of reference for styling and sizing of the designs. To multiply the impact of these simple posts, we'll start giving incentives for sharing your own photos of you wearing Elegantees. Special discounts are just the beginning, and we may take it further such as complimentary seats to our New York Fashion Week runway show. 

We're diving in to see how it goes! If any of this perks your interest, click on the button below, and we'll be in touch: