End of day exploring with my fam after the video shoot last Friday. It was a success!

I don’t make time to read books from business gurus, but I do listen to their podcasts. Usually this happens when I’m in photo editing mode. My hand is repetitively clicking, my mind is doing nothing special, and I'm all ears to listen.
This has been my week: photo editing, soaking in podcasts, watermelon eating, and taking my kids out to the park.
I've been listening to Barbara Corcoran's “Business Unusual." It's inspiring me to hire in a better way. Before, I thought I ought to hire a full-time replica of me, but I’d need a loan to afford that. That seemed too risky to go into debt for.
Barbara has some great advise though!
Especially with a small budget, it's all about who and how you hire. Instead of expecting one person to assist me with all the things, hire 2-3 part-timers and give each ownership of their favorite thing. I'll keep up with my favorite things, such as logistics and photography. As for the other things that I don't love with all my heart, someone else who does will make it better than I ever could. 
Making steps in New York City
I have in mind some local women to onboard. My next step will be a conversation with them on how can we do it part-time to start. These women are enthusiastic about the company and mission already, so I can’t wait to talk with them soon!
Growing an in-person team in the world's fashion capital feels like a big step in my dream. I am compelled to make the Garment District my mission field too. Many people here are poor in spirit. It’s time I live out both missions on my heart - for human trafficking victims and for the people in the fashion industry to receive hope. I'll start with the team building here, and then see what God does!