Last week I shared that eliminating hurry from decision-making is a game changer. This doesn't make problems go away. However, I can walk with a lightened burden. The hope I have is an anchor in the storm.



This time of the year is when we invest into our Fall collections. Yet, we're working with the lowest cash flow we've had in years. Should I go back to a corporate job in the fashion industry as a second job? This logical solution keeps crossing my mind.



God is my refuge and strength. There is nothing to fear! (Re-read that.)
I've been given wise advisors. One of them helped me realize I own some tangible assets that are worth a half year salary. Utilizing them will be a better next step than refreshing my resume. I'm rich with encouragers. It was a difficult morning on Wednesday, but I showed up anyway, and women showed up for me. My cup overflew with all the tender and affirming words. 
Hope is stronger than ever. My eyes cannot stop seeing the vision for the future, and this vision is worth waiting for. I see a magazine that will reach more women than our Instagram ever did. I see a nonprofit foundation to build sewing centers around the world. How about a redemption for the years that the locusts have eaten in Nepal (thanks, pandemic)?!
It's coming, so let hope arise!
Appreciative of you, reading along and supporting our work. Know that you're not alone in the hard places. Hope will arise!