Our fashion show is coming up. I still can't believe that Elegantees will be seen during New York Fashion Week! Partnering with IJM in this has been inspiring for sure. This organization rescues many that are trapped in human trafficking worldwide. I'm learning a lot from their team, and we're dreaming big together.If you'll be in New York City during September 10, please get your tickets here! Don't worry if you can't make it though; we'll have a video replay afterwards.


I've wanted Elegantees to be different because I didn't love what the fashion industry does.

  1. We tell our models to give off warm and fuzzy vibes. Otherwise, I don't feel hopeful to flip through a website of models looking sad in every photo. While it's a fact that showing teeth and facial expression distracts from the clothing, we do it anyway. Rules are meant to be broken, right? (Not telling my kiddos that yet!)
  2. The fashion industry isn't known for including curvier women in runway shows. We're intentionally booking models of various sizes to walk our runway. 
  3. The other catch? Models will be wearing [practical] clothing. Sure, I enjoy an avant-garde runway show if the materials and artistic expression is truly spectacular, but it's overdone. I wish to present wearable clothing that is styled for statement. Some ideas are to pair a printed top with a matching skirt to make a bold gown, or pairing a Sita tee with matching jogger for a going-out jumpsuit look. The runway will produce more elevated outfits than our everyday style. 


The IJM team and I touch base often to talk through the show. The stage we're at is developing a soundscape to help the audience imagine a world without exploitation. In this world, you wear your clothes with confidence because you know the people who produced them are flourishing.