I received an email from the Times Square marketing people asking if Elegantees would like a billboard. It wasn't a scam, so I researched the cost. I laughed so hard because it's as high as $50,000 per day. At the same time, I was flattered they thought we have this budget. 

Now I want a Times Square billboard! My crazy new goal to get there one day is shifting my mindset. Since the pandemic, I've been thinking so small. It has been “I'm thankful we're still around." But now, I declare it's time to move on from only surviving! The flame to actively fight human trafficking feels strong again.

Imagine that we are legit enough to be alongside billboards for Nike and Forever 21. It would be powerful if ours says “Fight human trafficking through fashion."  Visibility in Times Square represents companies that made it huge, and I want us to have big impact against human trafficking!

This huge goal has me rethinking how to be more effective with my time.



Debt free. We made the last payment on our high-interest business debt this week. For two months, I've been attacking it Dave Ramsey style. It felt good to see a $0 balance, and I almost made a sign to celebrate. 

It's exciting. Instead of making loan payments with our profits, we can invest any extra sales to grow. Some things that come to my mind are to cash flow fabric more in advance to expand wholesale, and hire creative help here in the US. 

I can't wait to see how we grow – perhaps in 9 months we'll have 50 seamstresses working for us! That sounds huge, but so does that billboard.

As I write, I'm also in great gratitude for everyone who helps us. Many people serve our mission, and I want to say thank you!