Hanging with our unpaid intern (my daughter) on set. She’s very helpful!

While wearing sleeveless dresses to beat the heat, my thoughts are on long sleeve tops and cardigans. That means most of our fall collection is already ready to be photographed! It feels great to have a handful of shoots scheduled in these upcoming weeks.

Our crew will be in the photo studio all summer long to capture five fall capsules! These are for launches from August to November. Working this far out allows flexibility with our deadlines. Considering all the pivots in the past few years, it's a relief to now have a reasonable turnaround time for getting the styles online.

Besides it being less stressful, why does it matter to have styles for fall photographed this summer? The biggest one is wholesale opportunity. Many retailers will soon place orders for their fall offerings. We often get more in when we share our catalog months out like this. Those extra orders are then sent to Nepal to be sewn.

Once August is here, we'll have months of no photo shoots. It'll be time to focus on growth. A few ideas include sending a magazine-format booklet in the mail, hosting an in-person event, and exploring additional selling outlets.

If the demand multiplies, we'll be expanding our sewing team. It would be so cool if we see that happening this fall!

Optimistic, Katie

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