This week's post is written by my 9 year old daughter. She wants to be considered for taking over the business one day, so this is an audition. Before I hand the mic over, here's a peak at the Tori dress that she persuaded me into making.


Child labor is very sinful. Children don't get the chance to have an education or have fun. We all know that you don't really play when you're older, so when you're a kid, it's best to enjoy your life as much as possible. 

I don't really experience child labor in America. Since I'm a kid, it's sad to see other children suffer from working too hard. There might be some machines that could injure the children.


When I go shopping with my mom, I see that some clothes are made in other countries. It's devastating to think that children basically sacrifice their freedom to make clothes for us. I even have a denim jacket that was made in Bangladesh. I love my denim jacket, but the only thing I don't love is it was probably designed by children. 

I would like to buy clothes that are made by adults, but if I really like the clothing, I would buy it. It's not by choice, but I really hate that children are suffering. As a Christian, I don't think children like me should be working. 


In conclusion, I hope for kids like me to be free from labor. That's one of the reasons I love my mom's company. 


With love,
The best girl in the world!!!