A new space has been moved into this week. This has been emotional for me. It's large enough to bring in more seamstresses than we've ever had before! With that though, I go back and forth between feeling hopeful and anxious. There's a lot of joy in Nepal regarding this space. It's a dream come true for everyone to see it. For me personally, I see hope because it's one step closer to my own dream to employ hundreds of survivors to make Elegantees!
My brain this week with worrying emotions: Perhaps we're taking on more than we can chew. The economy or the algorithm could take another turn. I don't have an emergency fund saved up yet. 


I believe we're in the hands of a good God who sees us as his children, so I ought to trust and rest. We're also told to not worry about tomorrow.

Could I do anything if not for faith? Definitely not. I started this business as a 23 year old who took a risk with a “nothing to lose” mentality. I maintained that for a decade, but the hardships of the past few years shrunk my optimism. Now over 13 years in, there's also a lot more at stake! I recall that God has not failed us before. Just this time last year, it looked impossible to maintain what we started in Nepal. We were shown that we needed to start over. Taking these steps has been one step of faith by another, and we're climbing upward.

Despite worries about tomorrow, I have to choose to trust the promises of provision to come through, month by month. It has to by faith, like this summary of Hebrews 12:
And with joy before him, let's run the race marked out for us. In other words, let's live this life of faith that we are called to with joy, knowing it's not always easy, but that's the whole picture.
I know I'm not alone here, so I thank you for your care and support. I hope this was a reminder to you also to take joy in the present, and not to worry about tomorrow.