Sami is sewing a top that is available next week!



This week had hard days. It started with meeting our manager in Nepal to hold off on paying bills, and if there's wiggle room there is to pay salaries until later. I felt like the exact opposite of an empowering employer. They were so understanding though, and are helping shoulder it.

This was unexpected. The past 8 weeks came at a total surprise with the biggest drop in revenue. After checking in with other CEOs in our industry, this is happening for many.  I recall that this was happening last year, but not nearly this rough. Then, the Black Friday weekend broke records and it was a huge success for the economy. Maybe we'll see a rain for this drought very soon then! 



Not sure if you're familiar with the biblical account of Moses, but I felt like him this week. He was given an assignment to go to a powerful oppressor to set slaves free. At first, he didn't believe that he was the right person.  This week, I was talking with God about our situation, and laying down fears and worry. As my tears rolled, I told him what Moses said, “I'm not qualified, find someone else.” 

I then remembered that the results are not mine to determine or control. This business belongs to God. This is freeing, especially when outcomes are not what we hope for, or what we think we need.  A friend also old me to remember the rain will come, at the right time, so be prepared for it. Thanks for supporting our work. We are truly grateful for you.