I'll be a guest speaker at my son's career day today. The first graders might think I'm cool after this! My hope is that they'll be inspired to make a positive impact in the lives of others, no matter their job. As I prep for today, I'll share here what a week can look like for me.

Video clips from Saturday's photo shoot. These designs are not available yet!


I love photo shoots because they are fun to see the designs on women. I also feel a sense of purpose to pour affirming words into models. 



I had 14 designs to fit for Fall 2023. This was very important. There were a few perfect fits, like the dress above.

At times, the fit needs improvement. When it does, I use the markup tool to draw over what changes need to be made. I'll send these to our technical designer, Jenna. We've got an efficient system together. Here's a design that needs some work:


Our new collection was pending 3 colors that were photographed during Saturday's shoot. They needed to get on our website, which means I got to soak in Photoshop and podcasts. My favorite topics to listen to are ecommerce, entrepreneurs, and the business of fashion. I did more fit samples, but refreshing the website was top priority. 
It was a glamorous evening of laundry. Meanwhile, the site looked glamorous:


My first email was sent at 4:38am to India. The last email sent at 7:40pm for another design development to Jenna. I loved the tasks I knocked out and my husband cooked dinner, so why not? 
This is a downside of working from home - it takes discipline to clock out. We recently rearranged our apartment to remove Elegantees completely from our living room. It's helped me, but some days I am on a roll!


Our next launch will be here in 6 weeks. I checked in with India where the majority of these bohemian designs are being sewn. I also reached out to models to book the next shoots. Mostly coordinating.
The upside of working from home (and being my own boss) is spontaneous lunch dates with my husband. It was a relaxing afternoon with Thai food, then the rest of the day was chill.
Every day involved communication with our sewing teams, which is one of my favorite parts!  Now for those first graders….