501(C)3 UPDATE

Two months ago, I shared that if we could find a way to separate our non-profit activities from our product costs, then we could do more. Imagine if outreach and job skill training was funded by donors. Grants could cover this expense instead of our sales. 

I've been mentored by experts lately, and we find that this route is excellent. In the question of if better to convert to a legal non-profit, or to start a new and separate non-profit, a separate is favored. We're on the right track.


I feel a calling to help bridge the church and the next generation together. One idea is through hosting fashion shows for both groups to attend. At a fashion show, I'd like to educate about poverty and slavery, inspire with hopeful solutions and stories, and give opportunities to fight exploitation. 

I'm getting more time to do it. In May, three new team members joined Elegantees. One is in Nepal to edit product photos. Our two interns in the US will be focused on social media planning. Time is a gift to me now.

My main job with Elegantees is now product development and production. Beautifully, I can do that in less than 40 hours per week. I want to use the extra time the best way I can to be fruitful. I'll start by taking the next steps toward nonprofit formation. 

The fabric above is cotton gauze from India, and we're buying it in bulk for next year! It'll be an add-on to our famous cotton jersey from Nepal. I'm confident it will increase our impact next Spring and Summer. If we plan it out to place it in retailers too, that's even better!

Thank you for the honor of giving me a business to restore lives.

Love, Katie