​I usually feel thankful when I look back at a year. It helps remind us how far we've come. This year was no different.

Twelve months ago it became necessary to make a major change in how we make clothes in Nepal. The brick wall we were up against with our former management needed to come down. The only way to continue would have to be with the women directly. This decision created a lot of opposition, so I had many advisors and waited for wisdom. I was risking my entire business, but felt there was no other way.

 Ultimately, we were taking a stand against discrimination. Gender inequality is highly prevalent in Nepal. Additionally, if you're born into a poor family and your last name reveals your social class, you are blocked from certain opportunities like education. These systems keep people in extreme poverty, desperation, and vulnerability to human trafficking. We stand against these systems and stigmas. 
More than ever, I understand why our seamstresses have a high level of gratitude for their job. The joy to sit at a sewing machine is sincere. I'm humbled that because of Elegantees, they are living in dignity and feel their worth.


This year was a challenge with all the risks we took. We also did not have our best year with sales and marketing. However, we built a system that will allow us to more easily partner with more women that need a job.

Rebuilding everything behind the scenes was an accomplishment I am very proud of. I thank you for believing in me, this vision, the work we're doing, and the women sewing the clothing. Your support has been extra meaningful this year.