New Spring 2018 Wardrobe: Any 6 designs of your choice


Available to redeem starting January 20, 2018 when our Spring/Summer 2018 collection is ready to preview. You'll receive a secret link to view the collection, and you'll get to choose your favorite 6 designs ranging from tops, dresses, and tunics. Then we'll ship your picks to your address.

  • A special greeting card with the simple steps of how to redeem this gift will be mailed to the billing address provided. If you'd like us to mail it directly to someone else on your behalf, reply back to your order confirmation to let us know. If you're in a time crunch, select the "E-CARD" delivery method.
  • Shipping will be free of charge in the US. If you're giving this as a gift and would like to gift to someone outside of the U.S., let us know if you'd like to pay the shipping on their behalf.
  • If adding this to your cart, discount codes will not be honored. The value of this package is already discounted.

The Freedom Campaign exists because there's 3 women we'd love to hire before Christmas. We want to go to the safehouse they are staying in and say, "You're Hired!", but reality is we couldn't keep them hired when the slow season comes next year. Laying off seamstresses isn't something we can do because it'd make them even more vulnerable to being trafficked again. The Freedom Campaign will create a special account that secures the salaries during the months of lesser cash flow. Be updated on the progress by clicking here.