Design your own elegantee,
and in your favorite color too!


Ever come across a design you love but wish it was made sweatshop-free? Now you can get it! Elegantees founder Katie Martinez is a fashion design graduate of FIT and has over a decade of experience working in the New York fashion industry. Katie will love to work with you to design and manufacture your dream item in Nepal!

  • Your design will be made just for you in any of our color options. It will be delivered to you when it's ready in 2018.
  • If Elegantees mass-produces your design, you'll receive design credit and the name of the style will be yours truly!
  • Discount codes cannot be applied to this promotion.

The Freedom Campaign exists because there's 3 women we'd love to hire before Christmas. We want to go to the safehouse they are staying in and say, "You're Hired!", but reality is we couldn't keep them hired when the slow season comes next year. Laying off seamstresses isn't something we can do because it'd make them even more vulnerable to being trafficked again. The Freedom Campaign will create a special account that secures the salaries during the months of lesser cash flow. Be updated on the progress by clicking here.