for orders in USA


We cannot begin to express our excitement to put on a trunk show with you. You're playing a major role in the success of our work to help restore women. Thank you!

Before we send our beautiful new styles your way, we'd just like to confirm we're all on the same page. Please read through and scroll to the bottom of the page to confirm understanding.


Your Trunk Show Rewards

Just for hosting a show, you will receive 10% off your separate personal order. 

When you sell 10 regular priced tees, you'll get 1 free tee of any value. 10 tees sold is 1 tee for you, 20 tees sold is 2 for you, 30 tees sold is 3 for you, etc. If you do not sell exactly 10, 20, 30, 40, etc, the remainder can be used toward a discount to an additional tee. For example, if you sell 35 tees, you'll get 3 for free, and 50% off a 4th tee. (Calculated by taking 10% for each tee, 3 tees would be 30% off, and 8 tees would be 80% off.)

If you have an online guest who places an order, clearance items will not be included in totals toward host rewards.


Handling the Clothing Samples

Clothing needs to come back to us in good condition. To ensure this, clothing is to be displayed in a place free from smoke, dust, pets/animals, etc. All clothing may be tried on. Tags must stay on the clothing. 


Placing the Order After the Show

Warehouse inventory levels for each style, color, and size will be emailed to you the evening before your show. We have a limited amount of merchandise in stock. Please do not sell more than what is available in warehouse inventory. The inventory list is in addition to what you have on hand at your show. The items on the rack can be bought, but your shoppers can choose a new one from the warehouse if they prefer.

You will summarize orders as soon as possible after the show. Please list 3 groups.

     1. Items sold off the rack of the samples at your show.

     2. Items that will be ordered and sent to you to distribute to your guests.

     3. Items that need to be ordered and shipped to a separate address for guests that want direct shipping.

All trunk show sales are final. Items can be exchanged or returned for online store credit.



All checks/payments are to be made out to you. Then, you will pay us in a single online payment for the entire order. Coupon codes cannot be used for deposits or payments.


Security Deposit

To ensure the trunk show samples are returned in a timely manner, a security deposit is collected before we ship the samples to you. This security deposit, taken by credit card online, will be credited in full promptly after we receive the unsold product, and in good condition. If samples are not returned, you will forfeit your security deposit.


Returning the Samples

Samples that are not sold at your show will be packed up and returned. When packing up the unsold merchandise, try to lay all hang tags flat so they do not get bent in shipping back. We will send a pre-paid FedEx shipping label to give to a FedEx or Kinkos to drop off the box with the label. You will not pay anything for shipping. 


Agreement notation: "You" = trunk show host, "We/Us" = Elegantees and/or Elegantees representatives