This is the story of a woman we'll call "Sarah." She is a very sweet and shy young lady who is learning how to sew elegantees and has blossomed in so many ways in the time we've known her. Sarah lived in a rural and very poor area of Mexico, until she fell in love. She married a man who told her she'd have a better life in America with him. That happiness quickly turned to excruciating pain when she realized she was brought here only to be forced into prostitution. Her husband was part of a vast network of men that romanced vulnerable women and convinced them to move to New York City, then would trade them to a pimp. 

Sarah was rescued by law enforcement and was brought to an organization called Restore NYC. She lived in a safehouse for a year and made progress in her journey of healing. She has been taking ESL classes, is learning to read and write both Spanish and English, and working at Elegantees and another company. Sarah said, "Since my first day at Restore's safehouse, my life has changed in many ways. I never thought I could have a different life and now I have a life, and have different opportunities to learn and do many things. Things I never imagined." Sarah has done very well and has graduated from Restore's restoration program in 2013.

Today, we currently employ Sarah, and other women that share a similar story of exploitation. In providing sewing jobs, we can give a positive source of income that reinforces a healthy self-image. 

Our heart is to encourage and help protect rescued women as they navigate their new life. We hope you feel encouraged in your purchase, knowing that it's making a difference.



Fighting to rescue, protect, and restore those in slavery has become our mission. We're all volunteer based at the time, and we try to be extra responsible with the sales we receive in. Every purchase goes into employing more women to give a hope and a future to them.

Our dream goes beyond restoration through sewing. After we break even and are able to fairly pay our volunteer staff, we will be a business that helps fund other organizations that are rescuing and restoring victims of human trafficking.