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DEC 2012:

Katie Martinez in her Manhattan studio on Skype at 11:00 pm. She's communicating with sewing teachers from the Nepali Rescue Project to show them how to construct one of the Spring 2013 designs. We've found teaching Nepal sewing and efficiency cannot be done solely via Skype. So, the solution is to go there! It was a catch-22 because if we bought our flight through Elegantees funds, we will temporarily pull away from sewing jobs. We started fundraising to support the trip for the Martinez couple to go there. Their efforts barely covered 1 of the 2 tickets, putting the trip on hold.


FEB 2013: 

New York Fashion Week arrives and designer & stylist Wildy Sanchez donates her time to style the models. She even walked the runway at the end with Katie and Israel. There was something that drew Katie and Wildy to work together. With Wildy's background in design, and Katie's background in fashion business and production, they've made a dynamic design duo. Since February, Wildy has been on the team and now serves as Fashion Director for Elegantees. 

APRIL 2013: 

The Elegantees team has to face a tough decision about continuing with Nepal. Without a trip being made there, the hindrances they keep running into would stay. Since things in our partnership in New York City safe houses were falling into place quite perfectly, decisions needed to be made. Katie painfully prayed through it, and found peace about it knowing that while she cannot help the Nepali girls at this time, that God is able to, and will!

MAY 2013: 

The team gets inspired to create special collections and talk to department stores about carrying them. Knowing that when one day we get a big order, we'll need as many women in Nepal to sew as possible. An order would require an immediate trip to Nepal to start working. The doors to Nepal are not totally closed! With excitement, Katie gives a heads up to Melanie Bedogne, the American liaison of the Nepali Rescue Project.


JUNE 2013: 
After Melanie decided to go to visit us in New York City and then take a trip to Nepal herself, Katie knew one of the Elegantees team members should go. Since Katie is expecting a child and wants to stay in the States during pregnancy, she asked Wildy if she could go for her.


JULY 18, 2013

At this very moment, on the other side of the world, there is a very scared young girl being sold for sex. As I sit safely under the comforts of my home; it seems unfair; at the same time creates in me a hunger for righteousness, and a wanting to help. So, when Katie asked me how I felt about going to Nepal and actually meeting the women that are being rescued from sex trafficking through the Nepali Rescue Project -  I said a nervous yes! After a lot of thinking, praying, and planning, I knew it was something that I had to do. 

In about  2 weeks I  embark on a new journey, where I will not only get to meet the Nepali Team, like Ramesh who has been rescuing thousands of women each year for the past 20 years, but I will also get to meet the many lives that have been rescued and restored. Our goal is to meet each girl face to face, to teach them new techniques, prepare them for our new collections and of course report back to the NYC team all the good news and praise reports.

I can't believe this is actually happening, Elegantees is going to Nepal!!!!


We'd like to thank everyone for contributing financially to this trip. It's been 100% funded thanks to your donations. 



Learn more about the work of the Nepali Rescue Project in the above video. Even though 20,000 girls are rescued each year, the true rescuing happens when you can send them into a place of self-sufficiency rather than back to hopeless poverty.