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If you follow Elegantees on Instagram, you got a live feed into the creation, and the sewing process of a favorite in our Fall collection: the Renae butterfly-inspired peplum top.


The Renae top, and many of our other pieces in our Fall 2013 collection did not come together as easy as it looks. The first part of the process is the inspiration. Wildy, serving as our Fashion Director, felt very moved by butterflies this season. We wanted to incorporate them into a design that looked feminine and not 'in your face.' Wildy started sketching some concepts which were given to Katie. Katie started drafting the pattern and added in pleats and arched the shapes appropriately. (Katie took the above picture as she was working, and posted it to Instagram). The design needed lots of tweaking in order for it to look like it inspires the new life it boasts of.


We knew to name it 'Renae' because in Latin, it means rebirth. Even we were touched by the meaning, which carried forward so powerfully into the sewers. Later, when we saw it on our models and during our fashion show, it was so life-giving seeing our fellow sisters on this side of the world wear the top itself.

P.S. The photo of the back view is on the lovely Katherine Whyte, a classical singer who volunteers as a model for Elegantees. The Renae is paired with jewelry by iSanctuary, a favorite jewelry brand of ours made by rescued women in India.


Back to Nepal: Wildy and Melanie spent more time bonding with the Nepali girls. Then, it finally happened...customs cleared! It has been nearly a week after Melanie and Wildy's arrival in Nepal, but just in time. Wildy had less than 48 hours to work on the sewing with the team. The clock is now ticking, and crunch time has hit!


In New York City, Katie is on email standby and Skype from 2:00 am in case there were any questions. There were many pictures, scans and emails interchanged, but everything worked out for good.



Madan, Roshani and Wildy worked on the other styles as well, including the Chana, shown in the picture.
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