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Melanie from the Nepali Rescue Project flew in to New York City to meet with us the day before departing for Nepal. The purpose with Katie being there was to transfer to Melanie and Wildy with all the information they'd need to get ready for the trip. The preparation was a very long day for Katie preparing sewing steps, checklists, and cutting out samples to demonstrate sewing techniques. Her drafting table was flooded with samples, paperwork, and a bottomless cup of coffee by the end of the day.

On Saturday, August 3, Katie, Melanie and Wildy gathered together for breakfast nearby the Martinez studio in upper Manhattan. It was so wonderful to connect and share the same heart for the women behind the sewing machines. The support and encouragement was tremendous. 

KATIE MARTINEZ, Founder & Director of Elegantees, shared challenges, successes, and best practices in sewing production. She brought systems based on her past experience in the garment industry managing production for labels with TARGET and Home Shopping Network.

WILDY SANCHEZ, Fashion Director of Elegantees, along for the ride by faith, brought her experience in the industry designing for many brands. Her experience travelling to Asia in the past was just to check in on factories, but she knows this trip has so much more heart and purpose.

MELANIE BEDONGE, Coordinator of the Nepali Rescue Project, presented wonderful options while she planning the daily schedule of tasks in Nepal. She's an excellent communicator, sharp learner, and brings a plethora of knowledge of the Nepali culture and challenges.


After breakfast, the trio relocated to Katie's drafting table where they started to discuss procedures, logistics, and opportunities to look into while in Nepal. They all felt great about the conversation and everything ahead of them.


Katie demonstrated for Melanie and Wildy how to sew 4 new styles for mass production that Nepal will get started on for the Fall 2013 collection. The demos took up most of the day. The team prayed together for direction and favor as they prepared to part ways.

Melanie and Wildy left Katie's studio to go pack up and prep for takeoff. They would go on their way now to Nepal, making 2 connections in Washington DC and also in Dubai. It was a long day with lots of coffee, but well worth it!