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A Fabric Cutter

Today we discovered that there is a cutting machine in the room next to the sewing room. We spoke briefly about the possibilities of sending graded patterns to Nepal for the sewing team to use to make Elegantees. They could source fabric directly, and train someone to become a fabric cutter. Madan also has experience using the machinery so the potential is strong. If we are able to do this, it will be a solution and cut down our cost by a great deal. This is just something to consider and is dependent on sourcing the right fabric directly. We are planning to discuss in more detail when we're back in New York.

If it can work out to cut and sew the entire garment in Nepal, we'd be able to use those savings to either pay more to the work in Nepal or produce more units to create more jobs. Basically, it's a very optimistic goal to shoot for, especially since it will simply help more girls!


Fabric Finds

We then visited one of Kathmandu's biggest knit suppliers in the area (6 floors of knits to be exact). Wildy felt like a child at a candy store! Then Ramesh got an idea with this that would eliminate the customs issues we are currently experiencing in trying to retrieve the cut fabric for processing.

The whole crew is hopeful that fabric sourcing and cutting in Nepal could work, but its something we can explore more fully in the coming weeks.



Melanie and Wildy celebrated the progress with some ice cream.