There is some advertising in the fashion world that we just shouldn't be looking up to. The concept of beauty has become showing off your skin and figure with an emotionless facial expression and seductive pose. This is not the way it should be. Every girl that gets caught in society's trap ends up getting degraded. The fashion purpose of Elegantees is to get away from that. We think modesty is actually more flattering. Our designs are created to make modesty easy, affordable, and absolutely trendy!


Our fashion designer, Katie Martinez, knows purity is possible even if the shame from the past says otherwise. Katie seeked out unhealthy attention for years until it became clear her life was being wasted on lies that wouldn't last. Then redemption came through the renewing of her mind, and she learned to put on a her true identity. Katie's gift as an artist florished, as she changed her personal style and how she presented herself. True romance came when Israel Martinez became captivated by her heart, and during their courtship, Katie radiated as Israel loved her with a pure love. Every woman can claim purity and receive the beautiful gifts of purity and love, as this is God's desire for us all. 

Katie loves helping women of all ages dress themselves with modesty; and as a fashion designer, it’s her honor to create modest clothing that is actually stylish!

Katie Martinez
Elegantees Designer & Founder