Not all advertising is worth looking up to. Beauty has been degraded by our society to nothing more than showing off skin with a joyless facial expression and seductive pose. Most young girls that get caught in this false beauty trap end up feeling undervalued by men who see them with lust instead of love. 

The fashion purpose of Elegantees is to break free from society's deception. We believe modesty is more flattering. Our designs are created to be easy, affordable, and absolutely trendy! Elegantees are for radiant women who reflect beauty clothed in strength and dignity.



Elegantees founder Katie Martinez (pic above) knows purity is possible even if the shame from the past says otherwise. Katie dressed immodestly for years and didn't know how to find and embrace self worth until she had a breakthrough that brought redemption. She learned to fill herself with her true identity as a beloved daughter of God. In fact, her real beauty captivated the heart of the man who is now her husband, singer Israel Martinez

"I put my heart into the vision of Elegantees because I know every woman can claim purity and receive these gifts!"
Katie, Founder

"Our team in New York City weaves modesty into each design. The goal is to prove that modest fashion is achievable and can be effortless to style."
- Wildy, Fashion Director (pic above)

"I'm not married yet, but I believe purity is a glorious gift to give to your future husband. Whether you're waiting like I am, or want to be restored, it's worth fighting for!"
- Sarah, Merchandiser (pic above)